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Dear Husband and I are often asked the question of our almost ten years spent in L.A.: “So what did you do there?”

That’s an interesting question to ask.  And one of the interesting answers is that Dear Husband dabbled in acting, and stand-up and sketch comedy.  He spent a lot of time in The Groundlings Theatre & School learning how to improvise and write sketch comedy.  Over the course of four years he progressed up the ranks advancing in classes until he was unceremoniously booted out after the final class, just before making the Sunday Company (a regularly performing group).  You see, you have to audition to get into the school and at the end of each course you are evaluated to see if you make the cut for the next level, or they send you packing.  To be honest with you I’m glad he didn’t make it to the Sunday Company because it’s exhausting, grueling work trying to come up with funny material week after week which would often result in hives and stomach troubles.  I was proud of him for making it as far as he did but was relieved when it was all over.

This video is of Dear Husband and good buddy Steve in a sketch they wrote for their Advanced Class showcase in 2003 (incidentally, Steve and his lovely wife are still dear friends of ours despite the long distance between OK and CA.  Steve was also Dear Husband’s Renaissance Fair accomplice.)

There is another video of Dear Husband in a sketch he wrote with a girl who has now moved on to become an SNL cast member and movie star.  He’s reluctant to let me put it up because the language is not for the faint of heart.  Maybe he would do it if there was an overwhelming demand.

  1. Russell

    I could make a bleeped version of the old people sketch if that’s what it takes to get posted.

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