First Day of School – 2021

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first day of school

And just like that I’m in a quiet house, standing at the counter, absentmindedly stirring my coffee.

I look at the dog, the dog looks at me. We both hold the same sentiment…we miss them, we want them back here in the house, we don’t want to see them head out the door without us. This is what the first day of school does to me; reduce my emotional capacity to that of a dog.

Addison drove off in his very own car and Harry walked into the long dark night that is middle school.

I know in my head that they will be just fine. But in my heart…well my heart. My heart dreads this day every year because it breaks wide open and a mixture of joy and sorrow ooze out. To be sure it will be mended back together as the days progress and as we fall into the rhythm of the school year. But for now I just stare at the dog and count down the hours and minutes.

first day of school
first day of school

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