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Chalkboard decorating

Chalkboard paint is all the rage right now.  A quick visit to Pinterest will reveal people painting walls, jars, dining tables, placemats, you name it you can slap a coat of chalkboard paint on it.  An awesome idea…in theory.  Recently my friend from Assistance League turned me on to this chalk board from Home Depot.  He wanted a portable chalkboard for decorating purposes and was going to prime and paint a piece of plywood.  Low and behold Home Depot has already done all the work!  Found in the lumber aisle along side regular ol’ plywood are these lightweight chalkboards.  The best part….$11 after tax.

halloween decorating
(figs from my tree)

halloween decorating
(Nutter butters dipped in white baking chips)

halloween decorating

Think of all the uses!  Table topper, over the mantle, party menu board, welcome sign at the front door, child’s room.  The possibilities are endless!

Love this Halloween banner?  If you think the orange and white polka dots are cute, the other side will blow your mind.  You can have one of your very own.  Find it at my Etsy shop.

Halloween decorating

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