Argyle Yarn Wreath for a little boy’s room

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Wreath’s for little boy’s rooms are hard.   Yarn Wreath’s in general seem girlie what with all the felt flowers and fru-fru.  Making one for a baby boy can be a little challenging.  I’m up the challenge.

An Argyle Wreath is a good place to start.  The sweet baby boy I was making this for has a room decorated in reds, tans, yellows and green.  I decided to go with a green and red multi-color yarn and yellow/orange diamonds.

For the embellishment I used the Cricut and my Boy’s Will Be Boys cartridge.  Last time I used the Cricut to make a tiny banner for a little girl’s wreath I was lamenting about how long it took me to glue the small letters on the banner.  Well, someone was listening (or reading) and what do you know…that special someone got me a Xyron.  It is a nifty little scrapbooking tool that turns your paper shapes and letters into stickers.

You just put your letter or shape in the top, pull on the tape, and out comes a sticker.  Taa daa!  (Thanks Pam!  You saved me a lot of time and frustration)

The worm, leaf, letters are all stickers thanks to the Xyron.  Easy as 1, 2, 3.

Now it’s time for more felt embellishments but flowers would not do.  I cut out red diamonds in two shades (because I originally planned to do red argyle and then decided I didn’t like the way it looked.)  Waist not want not.  Fold the diamond so that one corner is sticking up and hot glue.  Fold again and glue.  Make sure it’s NOT perfect.

To me these looked kinda like leaves or chunky grass.  They had a little bit of a oragami feel to them.  Hot glue in place and we’re done!

Baby Reid loves it!  I’m so glad I could gift this precious baby and his sweet mommy with a homemade craft.

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      Thanks Vince. While kids and crafts are a big part of my blog…now that Lent is upon us I have a feeling that there will be a lot more faith talk in the near future. Thanks for reading.

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