Lazy Summer

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Disclaimer:  These personalized microfiber towels were provided to me by Personal Creations.  All thoughts, opinions, pictures, smarty pants remarks are my own.  For the record…I’m lovin’ these towels.

How cute are these boys?

personalized beach towel

Personalized beach towel

This summer I decided to take a break from scheduling my kiddo in one day camp after another.  We did a 2 day Lego camp while Dear Husband and I were in Costa Rica and a short art camp but other than that it has been pretty laid back around here.  In the past we have done 3 or 4  day camps throughout the summer.  Don’t get me wrong; they are wonderful, enriching and gives me a little peace and quiet.  But they also demand that I stick to a schedule.  Harry is not quite old enough to go off to day camp with his big brother so the idea of sending Addison off while I was left to entertain him wasn’t really appealing to me.

This year I decided to turn on the tv, stay in our jammies until mid morning and do nothing.  It’s actually been pretty great.  Yeah, we watch a lot of tv but after a while the boys get tired of it and find other ways to entertain themselves.  I remember spending a good portion of my summer vacation in front of the tv, rotting my brain, and I think I turned out okay.

For those moms who like to schedule their kids in one camp after another, more power to you.  Some parents do it out of necessity because of work situations.  For those moms I empathize and want to reassure you that your child will come away with new friends, great experiences and broadened horizons.  Other parents pack in the activities because the thought of staying home all day with their kids is more than they can handle.  To those moms I say, “yes, do it”.  I totally get it.  It wasn’t that long ago when my child was the one who needed to be constantly stimulated.  Staying at home all day was torture for me and not nearly enough stimulation for his little sensory seeking mind.  Moms with cabin fever hear me and know this…you are doing the right thing.   Visit every park, every museum, every art class your town has to offer.  It will get better.

For the rest of you who say “to hell with it” I say, go ahead and hit the play button on that dvd remote for the 1000th time.  It’s okay to sit back and read a book while the kids veg out.  It won’t be long before the demands of school work and extra curricular activities are pulling you in 10 different directions.  Your kids will remember these lazy days with fondness.

Whether you have a no-screen time rule or unlimited screen time, it’s all good.  As for me and my house we will visit the pool whenever the heck we feel like it and watch Hotel Transylvania and The Clone Wars until our eyes burn.

Personalized beach towels

yo, I do what I want.

Personalized Beach Towels

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  1. Sabine of Suburbia

    You have no idea how much better I feel reading this. I really do try to do “stimulating” things but there are days I just need a break and some quiet (like this evening). Thanks for reminding me that I’m not a horrible mom!

  2. Julie {Lilacs & Longhorns}

    I love those towels!

    This year I signed up my son for way more camps than ever before. It seems like every kid around here is scheduled up the wazoo so he’s left without friends to hang out with…which he finds to be pure torture. So, whaddya do?! I tend to agree that a little boredom and t.v. watching is good for a person every so often but last summer he drove me crazy because he just ended up picking on his sister when he was bored. Aack! Off to camp he went this summer and it has worked out well. His younger sister only did a couple of day camps and has been entertaining herself by crafting and learning how to bake and eat the results. We may start school a few pounds heavier this fall! lol

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