Weekend Getaway

weekend getaway

Everybody needs a little time away

a holiday

from each other

Every time I get to have a little time away with Dear Husband this song plays in my head. Chicago waxes poetic about time away from a lover. I, on the other hand, am singing about time away from my kids. Don’t tell me you don’t feel the same way. We desperately love them but there comes a time when you think you might lose your mind. For me it’s the stuff left all over the house with no regard or intent to go back and get it. I get sick of shouting out instructions like a drill sergeant only to be met with blank stares or completely ignored. After a while I need time away from these little people. I need to recharge my battery and to spend time with the person I love.

Thankfully there is a college football game in a big city with lots of fabulous shopping and restaurants.

I look forward to the Red River Rivalry every year. Not so much for the football, but for the hotel room, the dining out with my sweetie and friends and most importantly someone else is looking after my children. The kids get a weekend with the grandparents to be doted on and I get to sleep late. It’s a win-win.

We started out our weekend to a trip to Trader Joes and then dinner with friends at The Truck Yard. The Truck Yard is this hip, laid back place about 10 minutes north of down town. Food trucks pull in to a retro style picnic area complete with an Air Stream bar. The main bar has a huge covered porch where you can sit back and enjoy the atmosphere. If you can’t find your favorite food truck item there is a philly cheese steak counter that is out of this world. And if you do find your favorite food truck item (hello hamburger sliders topped with goat cheese and strawberry jam) it’s perfectly fine to get a philly cheese steak sandwich for dessert.

Truck Yard

Dear Husband hardly ever buys clothes for himself so his wardrobe is a bit outdated. This trip provides us with the time needed to shop for the man who wants to be stylish but not trendy. It’s not an easy, or cheep task. But I’m here to tell you that it can be done. There is even time to pretend to be in the market for a Tesla.

weekend getaway

After an afternoon of shopping then schmoozing with co-workers we took ourselves to Seasons 52. I love this restaurant because the menu changes every week and the ingredients are what is in season. The best part is the dessert. They bring you a display of desserts in large shot glasses. It’s just enough sweet to make your dinner complete but not too much to make you feel like you went too far.

weekend getaway

Oh, and there was a football game too. When it comes to big football rivals all bets are off. Your team could be ranked #1 and undefeated and the other team could be in dead last place but you never know how it will turn out. OU showed up cocky and thinking about the next game instead of this one. Guess what happens when you think you are all that and a bag of chips and the other team is crap? You get pummeled by the crappy team, that’s what.

weekend getaway

Despite a disappointing loss we still had a great weekend getaway. We came home refreshed and ready to tackle more parenting mishaps.


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