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I’m back at The Glorious Table with week talking about dreams. Holding on to them, letting them go, and releasing our hold on them enough to be discovered and realized. 

Releasing your Dreams

Exodus 2 is a very familiar story to most of us. The origin of Moses; raised by an Egyptian princess with his own mother serving as his wet nurse. Raised in the palace, for want of nothing, never knowing hunger or thirst or hardship. But always knowing that he didn’t belong.

It’s a story I learned in Sunday School from a teacher with little felt cut-outs of a baby in a basket, a Hebrew girl, and an Egyptian girl placed strategically on a sea of blue felt. She probably even had clumps of reeds to set the scene. I loved those little felt cut-outs, how they would cling to the board and tell a story. There seemed to be an endless supply of felt characters and sheep. Always lots of sheep.

As a child I didn’t think too much about Moses’ mother other than that she got super lucky in being allowed to be his nanny. Now, as a mother of two boys, I’m examining her a little more closely. When she gave birth to a boy, she immediately knew she had a decision to make. Allow him to be taken away and killed, or risk her life and probably the lives of her family to hide him. To me the choice seems obvious. I would do anything to save my baby. However, Pharaoh was making it increasingly harder for the Hebrews to scratch out a life. He’d enslaved them, making their labor harder and harder, and finally attempting to ensure an entire generation would not thrive by killing their infant sons. When you tell someone they are worthless long enough, they start to believe it.

Click over to read the rest of the story at The Glorious Table. And if you haven’t discovered The Glorious Table yet, I hope you poke around their site. It offers inspirational, thought-provoking, and spiritual devotions every single day. 

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