Raspberry Champagne Cocktail

BFF came over last night bearing gifts.  She found limited edition retro Ball canning jars at Target and bought a pack of 6.  You never know when you’re going to need a blue mason jar for, you know, serving frozen drinks in a cute glass.  A set of 6 was $10.  Could you find a set of super cute glasses at Pottery Barn or Williams Sonoma for $10?  I think not.

She also brought Talenti raspberry sorbet and Champagne.  Talenti is more expensive than your run of the mill store brand sorbet but you can totally taste the difference.  It’s so smooth and creamy with zero fat grams and only 120 calories per serving.  It’s worth spending the extra few bucks when you want to treat yourself.  This stuff is pretty special so don’t waist it on the kids.  Just give them that big tub of orange sherbet and save Talenti for girls night in.

We poured the Champagne over the sorbet and applauded ourselves for being so precious.  How fabu is this…

Raspberry Champagne cocktails

Raspberry Champagne cocktails

Next time we’re going to add a splash of Peach Schnapps.

Everything is better in a retro mason jar.

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