Prayers of Compassion and Mercy

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compassion and mercy

In case you missed last week or need a refresher, CLICK HERE to meditate on last week’s prayer of compassion and mercy to get you through the election.

Can we all give an ‘amen’ that the debates are over? Let’s all give ourselves a reward for making it through three of those bad boys. Personally, I’m going to treat myself to a grande PSL.

One thing this election cycle and season of unrest has brought to the attention of the masses is the staggering amount of angry people. But not just angry for anger’s sake, because anger is the symptom of something deeper. Behind the anger, there are people who are hurt, betrayed and broken and desperate to be heard.

Here’s the thing. We’re all broken in one way or another. 

Some of us have a thousand tiny cracks like a piece of shatterproof glass that has been busted. We’re broken into countless pieces but still keep it together because that seems to be our function. Keeping it together. Some of us are broken clean in two with sharp edges exposed that wound whoever we come into contact with. Some of us are just plumb worn down. All the shine has been rubbed off and the beauty is hidden.

The question is, what are we going to do with our brokenness? 

Will we lash out at those who are broken in a different way than our own sacred brokenness? Determined to make others hurt just as much as we hurt? Will we hide and lick our wounds and complain that no one understands? 

Or will we allow our hurt to open our eyes to those hurting around us and offer compassion?

As we move throughout the week and observe how others are reacting to the election or their place in this world, I challenge you to pray for those who have different opinions or ideology than yourself. Recognize their pain and pray for their peace and healing.

Infinite God –

In times of trouble, darkness and confusion I cry out to you, God, for answers and comfort. The future is unclear and frightening and all I can do is look to you for hope. Please show us your will and open our hearts to receive and understand it.


Your compassion has no end. As I struggle to find answers, there is comfort in knowing that you experience my pain and suffering with me. Help me find the mercy to turn my own suffering into healing for someone else. Help me turn my focus away from myself and onto those around me who also feel lost.


Teach me how to comfort others, turning my pain into a guide of gentleness and mercy. Instead of licking my own wounds, help me recognize the pain of your children and comfort them.


Be a beacon of light, guiding us out of our darkness. Help me be a haven of compassion and understanding for those who also suffer.


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