Prayer of Mercy to get us to the election

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Each week I have been sharing a prayer of mercy and compassion to help keep the sanity in this election season. If you would like a refresher, click here for week one and here for week two.

Since I have started focusing more on praying through the election season instead of reading divisive article after divisive article something interesting as happened. I’m not nearly as stressed about it. Yes, the possible fallout from the losing side is troubling and scary but I’ve realized something this week…

God will not fall off of God’s throne on November 9th.

No matter the outcome, the sun will still rise the next morning. My children will still go to school. I will continue to write words. I will still make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for little lunch boxes.

All that being said, I wonder what my significance is in the process. Does my vote matter? Does my opinion matter? In a country that seems divided beyond recognition, do I even have a purpose? Does anybody even care? In the grand scheme of things, I begin to feel small.

When feelings of insignificance creep up, be it locally, nationally, globally, there is only one thing I can do. Turn to the night sky. From (star) dust we were made and to dust we shall return. If we are still loved throughout infininty, then I matter. You matter. How we treat each other matters.

Will you pray with me this week?


Infinate God-

How can my life have meaning in the vast expanse of the universe? Am I simply a blip in the infinite? How can I be loved or noticed by a creator who has been at work for billions of years? Why should I matter?


Creation is constantly moving and changing, the universe is ever expanding, time marches on. And yet through all of that, the creator said I needed to be here and added me to the big picture. Each of our stories is woven into a masterful tapestry. Our merciful creator has been weaving over the eons. It stretches out in all directions as far as our minds can imagine and we are part of it. We are woven into the framework of creation and the architect says that this tapestry would not be the same without me. The thread of our lives helps to complete the picture. This universe is not the same without me. Or you. Or our neighbor.


God’s mercy says “I love you and I want you”. Mercy brings the vastness of the universe to the here and now. Mercy says “you are worthy and I will never give up on you”.


Despite our best efforts to take control of the picture or to damage it, mercy keeps weaving.


Thank you, beautiful weaver, for never giving up. You streatch on into the infinate yet you hold the delicate thread of my life. Thank you.


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