Outer Space Astronauts now available on YouTube

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Here’s something you may or may not know…Dear Husband and I were on a TV show two years ago.  It’s called Outer Space Astronauts, it was on SyFy and it is hilarious.  There is only one season (so far) and the first episode is now available on YouTube.  Hopefully the following 4 episodes will be available soon.

Very quick back story…many, many years ago Dear Husband and his buddy, Russell Barrett, wrote a pilot script for Outer Space Astronauts.  Russell came up with the concept of having computer animated bodies with live action heads.  The three of us did some test shots in his very tiny and oddly shaped apartment.  Russell honed is computer animating skills, years passed, he gathered his funniest and best friends and shot the pilot.  He even composed and performed the theme music.  He’s like Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins with his one man band get up except he does it all behind multiple computer screens.

So here you go.  If you like it please spread the word.  We’re trying to get a cult following going here.


Maybe someday, if there is any interest, I’ll share about the process of getting my head on that skinny little body.

P.S. I don’t dress like that in real life.

P.S.S.  Sunny Hunkle is not a real person.  She is a made up character.

P.S.S.S. You can also see Russell (who plays Captain Ripley), Pete (who plays Jimmy Peck) and Russell’s beautiful wife (who is the voice of the computer) in Cooking With Stupid.  Also very funny and should be shared.

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  1. Margi

    Love that show. It’s my favorite live action animated comedy. Who is that actor who plays Pinto? Oh my goodness, he’s so hot… and talented… and funny… and …

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