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Recently I got a bug to change up the art on my dining room wall.  My idea was to hang a bunch of empty frames and then display the kids art in the frames.  That way I could change out the art and it would be a little more classy and organized than just my normal scotch tape display method.


I found this on  Pinterest

Took myself to Hobby Lobby to get above mentioned frames.  The ready made, empty frames that I wanted were over priced, in my opinion, even with the 50% off.  This confirmed my suspicion that Hobby Lobby raises the prices on various items just so that they can then label them 50% off and make the consumer think they are getting a deal.  Whatever, Hobby Lobby.  I’m on to you.

Next to the frame section I see the art supplies and blank canvas’.  {Light bulb}

  • 2-pack 20 x 16 blank canvas – $7.99
  • burlap – $3.99/yard
  • twine – don’t know the price b/c I already had that at home.
  • tiny clothes pins – ditto

I bought 4 (they came in a pack to two) blank canvas’ and 1 yard of burlap.  Wrapped the burlap around the back of the frame and hot glued in place, used a staple gun to secure twine across the frame as a way to hang art and voila!  Art display!

I used a newspaper template to figure out exactly where I wanted to hang them and put the nails in the right place.  Tear down the paper and hang up the display.

I’m so excited about this display that I may go back to get different sizes of canvas and cover the whole wall.  Or maybe not.  But for now I’m pretty proud of my cheap-o art display.

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  1. afternoonpopcornsnackgirl

    Thank you SO much for posting this! I actually planned a trip to Hobby Lobby this week for frames and was dreading the high cost (I’m so with you on that, they are still WAY too high, even at 50%off), but I love the burlap. Awesome idea!! Now I’m excited about hanging all these beautiful masterpieces I’m collecting. 🙂

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