Woolaroc Wedding

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Last weekend we were in Bartlesville, OK for Dear Sister-in-law’s wedding.  Dear Husband and his little sis didn’t grow up there but they did grow up visiting their grandparents there.  They grew up visiting Woolaroc (one of Oklahoma’s best kept secrets) and taking family pictures outside of the museum.  This past weekend she and her new husband were married right outside the front door of that beautiful museum.

It was a wonderful weekend of visiting with family (friends and family came from near and far…Norman, Ada, Boston, Manhattan, Minneapolis, Dubai.  Yes, Dubai.  As in UAE), playing golf, and of course tearing it up on the dance floor.

The one thing I don’t have a picture of (and I’m kicking myself) is the centerpieces.  Each table had a cake as a centerpiece.  Instead of one large cake there were lots and lots of regular size cakes in a variety of flavors.  That way guests didn’t have to wait for the bride and groom to cut the cake.  Whenever I’m at a wedding reception all I can think is “cut the damn cake already!”  My sweet sister-in-law thought of that and wanted guests to be able to enjoy cake whenever they felt like it.  She also encouraged guests to mingle with each other under the guise of trying out a different flavor of cake.  Mark my words…she has set a new wedding trend.  Wedding cake at each table as the centerpiece.  Just you wait.

Also, because I know every woman always wants to know about the dress.  The dress is from Anthropologie.  Did you know Anthropologie has a wedding line?!  I didn’t until recently.  Amazing.

Beautiful bride.  Beautiful wedding.  Beautiful location.  Beautiful museum.  Beautiful family.  It was all just so…beautiful.

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  1. Cait

    Beautiful photos Stephanie!! It was so great to meet you and your DH and boys 🙂

  2. Landon G

    Dang! Didn’t know she was getting married (but suspected it after talking to you here awhile back.) How awesome!

  3. LKD

    I’m getting married next year and seem to automatically click on anything to do with weddings. I really can’t help it! Anyway, the pictures are wonderful and your sister-in-law’s dress was beautiful. And that’s an awesome alcove.

    Much happiness to all!


  4. Juan Carlo

    Sweet! What a happy family. I am captivated by the photos. This family has a strong bond and love that they get along very well.

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