I heart Trader Joe’s

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I have another man in my life. His name is Joe. He is a Trader by trade and I lovingly call him Trader Joe.

Okay, he’s not a real man he’s a grocery store but that won’t stop me from loving him.

Recently my long-distance-besty, Jenn, sent me a Trader Joe’s care package. It was a belated birthday gift and it was awesome.

Check out that loot! (please excuse the other clutter in this picture. The Catepiller Spring book was not part of the care package. That was a gift from my mom for Harry, it’s just part of the clutter) Here we have pita chips, olive tapenade, fruit snacks, wine crackers, cheese sticks, nuts with varying degrees of spiciness (snicker, giggle, snicker), coffee in a can and ground coffee. Whew.

The nuts have been a hit and this wasabi mix is the bomb. However, I have to take a break after a few hand fulls because my sinuses can only take so much wasabi.

I can not talk about Trader Joe’s with out giving a shout out to my other girlfriends who take care of me. I have amazing friends and I love them.

My kindred-spirit-friend, Jen, (not to be confused with long-distance-besty Jenn) was so sweet to bring me back Peppermint coffee and Winter Blend coffee (not seen here because I drank all of it in about thee sittings) from a trip she took to Santa Fe in December. Peppermint coffee? Yes, peppermint coffee. It has flakes of dried peppermint mixed in with the coffee grounds and is delightful. The winter blend coffee is my absolute favorite and unfortunately is only sold during the winter months. What makes it so wonderful is that ground up with the beans are red and black peppercorns, cinnamon and cloves. It is a cup of steamy spicy heaven on a cold winter morning

My bff Christine brought back spicy chai latte mix and New Mexico pinon coffee (along with a few other TJ goodies that have long since been consumed) from a trip she made to Chicago a month or so ago. Let me just tell you how incredible the chai latte mix is. Well, I can’t really explain how wonderful it is so I guess you are going to have come over and enjoy a cup with me.

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  1. Judy

    I’m with you on the love for TJ! OHhhh, if we could only get a store…I will be looking forward to a trip to visit my sister in the SF Bay area and she knows that I will make a trip to Trader Joe’s!

  2. Leigh

    The peppermint coffee can be recreated as an adult beverage with Coffee and peppermint schnapps – introduced to me at Breckenridge as a “snuggler”… yum 🙂

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