I’m About To Get Up by Julie Hunt book Review

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  I met Julie Hunt through an online writing group called Hope Writers. I attended their writing workshop last November and by chance, Julie and I were roommates. When we first started corresponding about logistics the workshop I had no … Continued

Shock Value – Support small movie makers

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(source) I’m going to lay this all out on the table before we get started:  I don’t like horror movies.  Psychosocial thrillers, yes.  Paranormal scream-fests, no.  I have to close my eyes through the Paranormal Activity trailer for goodness sakes … Continued

Origami Yoda inspiration

Earlier this year Addison got into the book series Origami Yoda by Tom Angleberger.  It’s a comic strip style chapter book series that takes the Star Wars characters and gives them a little twist.  The titles speak for themselves; The … Continued

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