Welcome to Hugs, Kisses and Friends Chat Show.

The concept is simple;  I sit down with friends and talk.  We talk about serious topics, fun topics, family, friends, blogging.  Basically, whatever we want.    

Episode 1:  Facebook

My friend Christine and I talk about our love/hate relationship with Facebook



Episode 2: Listen To Your Mother

Listen To Your Mother OKC producer, Misti Pryor, and I talk about the show that is taking the nation and Mother’s Day by storm.



Episode 3: Blogging

Blogger Mari Farthing and I talk about blogging.  We try to unwrap the mystery of making money blogging.  We also discuss the importance of  writing authentically.



Episode 4: Oklahoma Women Bloggers

Mari Farthing is back to talk about building a blogging community through Oklahoma Women Bloggers.



Episode 5: Marriage

Divorce attorney and blogger, Shel Harrington, talks about marriage.  What causes couples to end up in divorce court and how to stay out of it.



Episode 6: Dumb things kids say

My hilarious friend, Sabine of Suburbia, and I talk about all the crazy stuff our kids say and things we can’t believe we say to them.