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I had the extreme pleasure of being a guest on You Brew You podcast this week. My first ever podcast appearance!

I met Kerri through my For The Love/Jen Hatmaker launch team adventures. We have been online acquaintances for the past five years but the internet suddenly decided it was time we got to know each other better. And low and behold she asked me to be a guest on her podcast. We had so much fun and talked so long that she turned it into two episodes.

In part 1 we talk about the origins of Recipe Archaeology and my fascination with jello and retro recipes. In part two we get into Chopped! and what has been keeping me afloat during the pandemic and how I’ve handled the disappointment of change because of the pandemic. I even had to be bleeped, so you’ll want to listen for that.

Give them a listen here or where ever you listen to podcasts.


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