Why so much jelly?

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This week the Maytag repair man was at our house bright and early to fix a water dispenser problem we have been having with our refrigerator. He had to take the shelves out to get to the problem and that meant taking everything out of the fridge.

There’s nothing like really seeing the inside of your fridge to get grossed out and on a cleaning spree. I’m happy to report that the inside of the fridge is spick and span and it has been decluttered. During the decluttering process I found (among other things) 2 jars of capers, 3 jars of salsa, 5 bags of shredded cheese and NINE jars of jelly.

Why the heck do I have so much jelly? If there is ever a national shortage of jelly my family is going to be just fine. Homemade plum, store bought plum, strawberry, blackberry, grape, apricot, peach, cherry…whatever you need I’ve got you covered.

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