Time to Throw in the Towel(s)

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It’s almost time for me to retire the towels in my guest bathroom.

They were my grandmother’s guest towels. My parents come to visit at least once a month so these towels have seen more action in the past 4 years than they have in the past 40.

Why am I writing about towels? For some reason I feel nostalgic about these towels and am a little sad to see them go. When my grandmother passed away 8 years ago, my mom and I were going through her house packing things up and stuff was getting divided up amongst the cousins. Among other things I grabbed these towels. They are white with her initials monogrammed in pink. Monogrammed towels…that’s just how a gentle lady from the south rolls.  I remember as a little girl using these towels when we would visit. The upstairs guest bathroom where we did our business had green a tub and matching toilet with pink and white tile. It was beautiful. It was the kind of bathroom you might see on an HGTV remodeling show and they would comment on how old fashioned and hideous it is and then take a sledge hammer to it. What a shame they do that to beautiful, retro bathrooms.

I’m not exactly sure how old these towels are but they have held up really well. They have always been so soft and white. I don’t know what my grandmother did to make them stand the test of time. Obviously, something I’m not because they are starting to fray and don’t seem as bright white as they once were.

I’m off to Kohl’s to get new towels although they won’t be the same. Maybe I’ll get them monogrammed with my initials.

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