Teacher Appreciation Yarn Wreath

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Friday was the last day of school.  I know one little boy who is relieved.  No more alarm going off at 6:30 (although he still gets up around that time).

To say thank you to Addison and Harry’s teachers I decided on a school themed yarn wreath.  This would also make a great start of the school year gift to get off on the right foot.  Nothing wrong with a little parent-teacher bribery with a cute craft.

Should you choose to honor your teacher (this year or next) with a yarn wreath, here’s what you need:

14 inch straw wreath (leave plastic on)
1 skein light colored yarn
red yarn
corsage pins
brown paint
#2 pencils
2 inch styrofoam balls (found in the floral section)
green felt
hot glue gun
floral pins
ribbon (optional)

I know this sounds like a lot of supplies but it really isn’t that hard.  The most time consuming part is wrapping the wreath with the yarn.

The first thing to do is paint the end of the corsage pins brown.  These will be the stems to the apples.  Just dip them in brown acrylic paint and let them dry about 3 hours.

After the wreath is wrapped in yarn, use the twine to wrap a criss-cross pattern.  I use the floral pins to secure the yarn and twin.  Secure the yarn to the pin by tying it with a double knot then stick it into the wreath.

Next, wrap the styrofoam balls with red yarn.  Secure the yarn with hot glue and don’t worry about it being messy because the felt leaf will hide the glue.

Next, glue two sets of three pencils together.  This time you do need to be careful about how much hot glue you use and getting it messy.  Try to use it sparingly and at neatly as possible so you don’t see too much of it when the pencils are secured together.

Position the pencils on the wreath however you like then glue down.  I made sure that there weren’t any pointy ends sticking out from the wreath.  We don’t want any little munchkins running by, scratching themselves on the wreath and accidentally get led poisoning.  Then the parents would sue the school, the teacher would probably get fired, it would be in all the papers, the school district would ban #2 pencils, Fox News would pick up the story and have some ridiculous headline like “School wages war on pencils” and you would be ashamed to make another wreath.  The whole debacle would be tracked back to this blog post and the next thing you know I’m doing a remote interview on GMA about the dangers of yarn wreaths and how to keep them safe.  Wait, that would be really good PR for my site.  I could get thousands of new readers…on second thought…

Back to our craft.  Cut out leaf shapes from the green felt.  Secure it to the red yarn apples with the corsage pin (make sure the paint is completely dry first).

Position the apples where you want them (taking time to review them from every angle) and glue them down.

Glue crayons down.  Don’t put hot glue directly on the wax as it will start to melt.  Just put glue on the paper.

If you’re a bow kind of crafter you can add a bow to hide some glue mishaps.

This wreath gets an A+

  1. sistersknitch

    I wish I was this creative when my kids were young. Thinking I will pass this great idea along to my grown children…but maybe it would be a wonderful project to do with my grandchildren when they get a little older.

    Sister’s Knitch

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