Summer Internet Round-Up

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summer internet round up

Whenever I read something really great or moving, I save it in an Evernote file so I can share it here. Here are a few blog posts or articles that I think you, dearest reader, would enjoy.

First up, this Five Minute Friday post by Kelly Ivy Johnson. I swear it took longer than five minutes to write this post, but I’m glad because I loved her inspiration to dig deep into the gifts and talents you have been given and work on them.

“I believe God puts a creative spark within each of us, a drive to do something because it makes us feel alive in a way nothing else does.”


Read it here: What Inspires You?


Next up, a post on the Huff by Kimberly Poovey asking Christians to step up and care for the creation we inhabit. I love this post because it’s a quick read and a no-nonsense reminder that we need to take responsibility for what we have. 


“It’s time for Christians to earn a reputation for loving God, loving people, and taking care of what we’ve been given.”

Read more here: Christians, It’s Time To Care About Our Planet


Since the summer is winding down, but there are still plenty of hot days left to bask in the sun; this post is perfect. This generation of moms (the one I’m in, I mean) has the uncanny knack at making ourselves feel guilty about every last blasted thing. Even things that are supposed to be the right thing. 

Sarah Kallies hits the nail on the head with the worry and guilt and asking why in the heck are we driving ourselves insane over it? 

“Can we just go ahead and say that everything everywhere is trying to kill us? Always? And just get it over with? Move on? We’re all gonna die someday anyhow. This has gotten out of hand.

Instead, I want to feed my children one meal. Just one meal, and not have that little voice in the back of my head gnawing at me about whether or not what they are ingesting is possibly the feast of Satan”

Kudos to Sarah for getting this article picked up by the ABC News website. But, I’m linking to the original post on her own blog, because I think she would like it that way. 

Read the entire thing here: Excuse Me While I Lather My Children In This Toxic Death Cream


Podcasts have become my new favorite thing. They feel reminiscent of the radio show but with about one bazillion topics and personalities to choose from. 

Jen Hatmaker has a new podcast called For The Love! 

Okay, I know I have been talking about Jen Hatmaker like a stalker but I promise I’m not a stalker. I’m just in this season of acting like a stalker. It will end soon, I promise. 

However, her podcast is great. You should give it a listen.


Finally (because I know you don’t have time to read ten more articles) I’m linking to this speech given by the mayor of New Orleans.

I’m aware that the controversial removal of some Confederate war hero statues in New Orleans is old news. But just because the world has moved on to the next controversy or earth shattering thing doesn’t mean that what he said still isn’t relevant or important. If this speech passed you by, please set aside twenty-three minutes to watch it. 

History is important but so are the people around us right here, right now. How can we move forward and move on if we don’t recognize our ugly past and then taking steps to right those wrongs? Reconciliation cannot be made without first truly accepting that wrongs have been done and committing to do better. We can do better. 

Even if you don’t agree with the removal of the statues, please watch, listen, and keep your heart open to what we can do as a country to heal wounds that have yet to heal. 



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