Social Distancing As A Family – Day 3

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Today’s Social Distancing As A Family is brought to you by vacuuming.

Is there any other household chore more soothing than vacuuming the floor? The lines on the carpet, watching dust bunnies get sucked up, and when you vacuum up something that makes that rattling sound…so satisfying. It’s like accomplishing something really big when all you did wash push a small appliance around your house.

The rest of the house could be in complete shambles but if carpet has those vacuum tracks; well, you’re practically ready to have your house featured on HGTV Dream Homes.

Sucking up dirt and debris along with the loud hum is a wonderful distraction from the stress of what is happening outside of my four walls. I have been spending more time than normal on my phone reading news updates and weeding out the b.s. from facts. I also look for funny memes and uplifting content to balance out the scary stuff. But every now and then it’s a good idea to set the phone down and do something else, something productive, or creative, or physically active. Even if that something else is as simple as vacuuming the entire house.

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