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It seems like we’re all dazed and confused.  We are feeling helpless as 26 families are beginning to lay to rest their babies and heroes.  When tragedy strikes someone we love we have this knee jerk reaction to reach out and help.  We make meals, we pray, we offer to take care of the kids.  Anything to feel useful and hopefully ease the pain, even just a little.

If you’re looking for a tangible way to send some love to CT, check out what my friend, Scentsy Jenn (remember her?) is doing to help ease the pain.

Scentsy buddies

Scentsy Consultants all across America are coming together to donate Scentsy Buddies to all the surviving students and their siblings. You can help by contacting her ( or going directly to her website to purchase the Buddy Holiday Kit. This kit contains 2 Buddies and 2 Scent Paks for $25.

Scentsy Buddies will be mailed to a Scentsy Consultant in CT who will organize the distribution and are hoping to be able to have the Buddies sitting on every desk of the students when they return from the Holidays.

Jenn is not taking any kickback from this.  She is donating all her commission from the Buddies sales to the Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Just one more example of how our light can shine in the darkness.

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