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Way back in November (geez, that sounds like ages ago, doesn’t it?) I wrote about a friend of mine who was expecting her second baby boy.  I’m happy to say that her precious bundle arrived and is squeezable and huggable and precious and when I got quality time with him my uterus started twitching.  Before he made his appearance, mamma was put on bed rest.  Thankfully, The Riley Group stepped in and was able to help out and give her the gift of time.

The Riley Group offers personal and executive assistant, virtual assistant, concierge, and lifestyle management services.  When I first learned about them I started dreaming of the life of the rich and famous.  Actually, they can assist a regular person who just doesn’t have enough hours in the day to do all they need to do.  For my friend on bed rest they came in and helped her decorate her house for Christmas!  Here’s her testimonial:

Having a personal assistant… ahhh the dream. I have often wondered what it would be like to have someone do all those little things that seem to take the time away from the big things. Well at nearly 9 months pregnant and incapable of hanging my own Christmas decorations I got to find out. In November of 2012 I was able to experience having a personal assistant. With the assistance of the Riley Group I had a personal assistant for about 4 hours. She hung all my ornaments, decorated my mantle, put out my interior decorations and picked up the living room when it was done. She was a sweet, charming girl. We chatted about what it meant to be a personal assistant in Oklahoma as part of a larger company. She said her job is basically to give someone an extra set of hands. The jobs she may be doing include dog walking/sitting, housing sitting, dry cleaners, organizing rooms, paying bills, and for one man she, along with a team of three, packed up his entire house to move. She said she loves doing it because it is something different all the time and she knows what she is doing is helping someone do what they need to do. As far as what it is like to have a personal assistant – I highly recommend it and I recommend the Riley Group. They were great people to work with.

How awesome is that?  Your own personal assistant to do…stuff.  Thank you Riley Group for helping my friend get her home ready for Christmas while she was great with child.

You can find The Riley Group online, services are available in Oklahoma City, Norman and Dallas, (405) 889-4430, 
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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post; Engage OKC and The Riley Group provided this gift of services, but all words and opinions are my own.

  1. Chris Carter

    Your uterus started twitching eh??? Hmm…
    I want a job with the Riley Group!! That just sounds sooooo COOL!! So glad your friend is well and baby is here!!

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