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of mess and moxie

It’s here. “Launch day” (please read that in an Oprah-giving-away-expensive-stuff voice). 

If you know me at all, you know that I have been anticipating the release of Jen Hatmaker’s new book, Of Mess and Moxie. Not just because I’m a fan and love her books, but because I’m on the launch team and have been tasked with the job of beating the Of Mess and Moxie drum so others will hear the beat and want to join in. 

Of Mess and Moxie has been available for pre-order for several weeks but in case you still haven’t purchased one yet, I suggest you hop on over to Amazon to get your copy toot-sweet.

of mess and moxie


So why do I love this book so much? For starters, Jen understands the pressures women heap upon themselves. She knows that we compare ourselves, our lives, our homes, our kids, to other women’s lives. She understands that we feel like we have to do everything and take care of everyone, all the while minimizing our goals and accomplishments. She sees our struggle for identity in this male dominated world and our burning desire to raise our kids right, love our husbands, or stand on our own as a single mom or single person. She sees all of that struggle and flings open the doors of invitation. 

She invites women to be the woman God created us to be. She wants us to create, to see the beauty within us, to know the creator more and connect with that God-given talent placed within each of us. She wants us to cast off doubt that we aren’t good enough or accomplished enough. She is tired of women saying “someday”. She knows that we don’t have to be the ugly thing that once defined us. That just because something wrong happened long ago or because we acted a fool, we aren’t sentenced to live a life of that wrong or horrible or foolish thing.

of mess and moxie

Two years ago, when I finished reading For the Love, I wanted to turn the page and another entire book to be there. I wanted to put it down and immediately pick up the next book. I wasn’t ready for it to be over. Well, that wish is finally granted. Of Mess and Moxie is the perfect follow-up companion to For the Love. It is both hilarious and poignant. It will make you laugh and make you cry. It will both convict you and put you at ease. It may seem like a tall order, or impossible for one book to be all of those things, but please just trust me. It is. My copy is dog-eared and underlined to prove it.

of mess and moxie

Now, some people may be saying…hmmm, I don’t know. Jen Hatmaker has been controversial as of late. Her views on radical inclusiveness kind of scare me. I’m not sure how her interpretation of the bible fits with my interpretation of the bible.

I understand that not seeing eye to eye with someone (especially, someone in the spotlight and with a sphere of influence) can be scary. But stop it. Stop it right now. We are all welcome at this glorious table that God has set for us. And if it makes you feel any better, there isn’t anything political or polarizing in this book. There isn’t a chapter that will try to persuade you to host a gay Muslim in your home for a year. 

It’s just a book that celebrates the beauty of God’s creation through the women and people around you – in all of their messy and moxie fill lives.

of mess and moxie

Now for Of Mess and Moxie GIVEAWAY time!

Update: This drawing is now closed!

I have three copies of Of Mess and Moxie that I purchased for three of you. That is how much I love you. Enter by following the instructions below for a chance to win. Three winners will be announced via FB Live at noon (central time) on Tuesday, August 15.

Each of these things will give you one entry in the hat. Here is what you need to do to enter: 

  1. Like Hugs, Kisses and Snot on Facebook. If you already like the page, you’re good. Give yourself a point.
  2. Follow Hugs, Kisses and Snot on Instagram. If you already follow it on the IG, you’re good. Give yourself a point.
  3. Follow me on Twitter. If you already follow me on the tweety-place, you’re good. Give yourself a point.
  4. Share this post on Facebook or Twitter. One point for each.
  5. While we’re at it, let’s give Recipe Archaeology some love (and some more chances for you to win). Become a subscriber of Recipe Archaeology on YouTube.
  6. Like and Follow Recipe Archaeology on Facebook and Instagram. One point for each.
  7. Share one of your favorite Recipe Archaeology videos with your Facebook friends.
  8. Bonus point if you can tell me the Recipe Archaeology video in which I plug Of Mess and Moxie.

After you have done the things, leave a comment and tell me how many points you earned. This is completely on the honor system so please play nice.

You don’t have to do all of those things, but if you do that will give you TEN chances to win! In other words, I’ll put your name into the hat ten times. You have one week to do all the things. May the odds be ever in your favor.

Ready, set….Go!

(BTW – this post contains affiliate links. But, as always, all views and opinions are my own.)

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  1. Christine Carter

    237 POINTS!!!

    Oh, wait. Honor system convicts me…

    I got six. And I would totally get into the recipe archaeology utube thing, but I don’t really do recipes or utube, so I’m SO SORRY I can’t support you there! But I am off to follow you on FB and IG and share this post!

    I WANT THIS BOOK SO BAD!!!! (Badly? Huh. )

    And I totally need to join her next launch team. I LOVE Jen Hatmaker. <3
    Christine Carter recently posted…To All The Christian Teen Ministry Leaders: You Need To Talk About THISMy Profile

  2. Nicole

    I got 10 total. The episode you asked about was the one you posted on July 4th. I would tell you which one it is, but I don’t want to make it too easy for others to have the name of it without checking it out themselves! 😉
    I already pre-ordered my copy, but I’m giving it to a co-worker who needs it more than I do right now, so I would love to get another copy to keep for myself. I have heard so much about this book, and I can’t wait to read the whole thing!

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