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New earrings are always exciting, doubly exciting when you get them for free.

One of the great thing about following various blogs is that someone is always having a giveaway.  I always enter Pioneer Woman’s giveaways but my chances are slim when 29,391 (seriously, that’s how many people have entered for the most recent red Kitchenaid as of 9:05 pm on a Thursday night) other fans are doing it to.  If I ever win one of those fancy-schmancy artisan Kitchenaid mixers you will be the first to know.

In the mean time I’ll try my chances at smaller giveaways.  This summer my blogger friend, Irene, at Speed Chic gave away a $50 gift certificate to and I won!  Whoohoooo! It pays to be persistant.

These are the earrings I picked out…

Because Novica is all about free trade and promoting artists who are trying to support themselves, these lovely little earrings came with a nice little note from some woman in Bali.  I doubt that the note was actually from some Bali village woman but rather from some Novica staff person.  But still, it was charming and made me feel like I was supporting the Balinese economy (is Balinese a word?).

They go with everything, I’ve worn them all summer long and in fact, I’m wearing them right now.

Did you know it’s really hard to get a good picture of your own ear.  I just discovered that.

So, thank you Irene for the new earrings! I love them.

Now, go see Irene at Speed Chic.  She’s giving away a pair of Dansko shoes this week.

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  1. Judy

    Yes, Balinese is a word!! Here’s another bit of trivia for you. Some of the best silver artisans are found in Bali! Those of us who make jewelry know that there is an entire category of Bali-style beads; this is for those who don’t sell the real things. However, I order most of my silver used in my jewelry DIRECTLY from BALI! I’m waiting on an order to come this next week. Always great communication and they know if I order something to contact me if it is out of stock. I’m usually (once I explained this to them) given the option to wait for them to make them for me. So there! Just a little tidbit about my jewelry-making too. Balinese silver — the very best, and Venetian glass beads!! What more can you want?!

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