Jack-o-lantern in a Jar

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Now that birthday weekend is behind us I can focus on Halloween.  One of my favorite holidays.  I love getting together with my Wicken group, burning incense, chatting it up with the spirit world.  Just kidding, I’m not a Wicken…just keeping you on your toes.  I do, however, love Halloween…I blame it on the fact that I’m a closet Buffy lover.  None of these new fangled vampire shows hold a candle to Buffy and Angel.  What they had was real.  But I digress.

This week I’m bringing you a couple of really easy Halloween crafts.  Let’s start with the Jack-o-Lantern in a jar.

Here’s what you need:

glass jars…large, small and in between.  (I got this huge pickle jar from a local cafe that was about to recycle this beauty)

green and orange paint

painter’s tape

sponge brush

glitter glue

L.E.D. tea lights

Make sure the jar is clean and dry.  Pickle juice residue is not part of this recipe.  Use the painter’s tape to create a face.

Cover everything except the top with orange paint.  The paint I found at Hobby Lobby was actually called “pumpkin” so I thought it would work just fine.

Paint the top green and add a few vine curly ques.  You will need a razor blade to get the tape off.  If the paint is too wet then your fingers might smudge it, if it’s too dry then the tapes pulls the paint out in jagged edges.  Wait until the paint is dry but still slightly tacky.  Make a clean cut around the edge of tape with the blade then carefully peel away.  Some of my edges were a little scraggly…nothin’ a little glitter glue can’t fix.

It’s not the most beautiful, elaborate or fancy craft.  In fact it’s a little rough around the edges but it’s kid friendly and I was done in an hour.

If you have time make three in various sizes.  These things always look better in sets of three.  Have fun!

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