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6-year-old Addison doesn’t really care about money or allowance…until he wants something.  He had (I say had because he has slowly been spending it) a nice little stash of money squirreled away.  Money saved from birthdays, Christmas, tooth fairy and random chores.  When he sees something he wants and I tell him he has to wait until his birthday he pulls out his shoebox-o-cash and starts counting to see if he can get it himself.  If he does not have enough money I suggest he could clean up the play room and his room and I will give him $1.  It adds up.

Recently he has been asking to download games for the phone that are NOT free.  I make it a rule not to spend money on apps.  It’s just not how I want to spend my .99 but give me a grande chai latte for $3.85 any day.  Last week he asked to download Plants vs. Zombies (the baby sitter tuned him in on her phone, hummmm.  She’s a great sitter so I guess I’ll overlook it).  I told him it costs money so absolutely not.  Thinking swiftly, he came up with an alternative.  How many chores would he have to do to earn this app?  The question gave me pause.  Is this legit?  Is real, paper money interchangeable with online cash?  Should I use an iPhone app as currency?  This possibility wasn’t even conceived when I was a kid so I had to stop and think.

For about half a day the living room, play room and his bedroom looked fantastic.

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