Immovable or Ever-changing?

When my son was working out the creation story in his little mind, trying to apply color to a concept that should never be seen in black and white, he asked me, “If God made the universe, what made God?” Not knowing the answer, I came up with a response that I hoped would make him scratch his head: “God made God. Go ponder that while you pick up your toys.”

I’m like my son (or he is like me), trying to apply reason and logic to something that is beyond reason and logic. One of the questions I often ponder that I may never find an answer to is this: Does God change? As my faith evolves and changes, does God also change? Is God the boulder in the river that I crash up against? Is God the steady and constant sun, moving through time with precision and predictability? Or is God the restless weaver who is constantly moving, spinning, creating, unraveling, creating beauty out of chaos?

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