I stand corrected

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Not so long ago I wrote a post about Business 2 Blogger and my train of thought led me to wondering how the Pioneer Woman was able to give away so many amazing things.  Originally I assumed that she was being generous with her hard earned blog cash.   Then I came to a more rational conclusion that the giveaways had to be sponsored prizes.  Surely she wasn’t buying all of that stuff herself.

I should have gone with my first instinct.  The other night I read a post by P-Dub that explained how she does her giveaways.  It turns out that she is just as generous and magnanimous as I originally thought.  She uses money brought in from advertisers to pay for all of those amazing prizes.  That is some advertising budget.  We’re talking Kitchenaid mixers, gift cards to Target and Anthropology, cook sets, knives…  Nikon cameras for goodness sakes!

Here’s what I love about this (besides that fact that I have a small chance to win a fabulous prize every couple of weeks).  Dearest Pioneer Woman understands that she wouldn’t have that cash flow from her advertisers if it weren’t for her readers.  She is paying it forward and spreading the love around to those who helped make her what she is today.

Someone call the Pope and submit an application for sainthood.  Sister’s rockin’ the giveaways.


On an unrelated matter yet still pertaining to Pioneer Woman…  If you want to make Cowboy Calzones, read the recipe closely and plan ahead.  I had the wonderful idea to make those for dinner and had everything I needed from the grocery store.  Around 5:30 I got the ground beef simmering (with a few additions of my own) and opened the cookbook to see what comes next.  I quickly realized my mistake of having forgotten that pizza dough takes a few hours to rise.  Oops…so much for that.  My cowboy calzones turned into more of a dirty rice situation.  Maybe I’ll try again tomorrow night.

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