Hamburger Salad

Disclosure: I received free cans of tomatoes from Red Gold and two free aprons.    The tomatoes may be from Red Gold but the thoughts and opinions are my own.

Free canned tomatoes?!  You know I’ve hit the big time now.  My new found tomato wealth is making me feel generous.  Who wants the other apron?

Red Gold Tomatoes

Red Gold sent me these tomatoes with the suggestion to use them in grilling hamburgers.  Well now, that’s a pretty good idea.  The night I decided to make these burgers I realized that I forgot to get hamburger buns.  Time to improvise.  I love hamburgers and I love salad.  Plus, eating hamburger on a salad makes it feel all healthy and stuff because you eliminate the bun.  I decided to dress the salad like I would a hamburger with fresh tomatoes and pickles.  I also made a vinaigrette out of mustard.  The result was delish!  It gave the satisfaction that grilled meat gives and the good feeling that a salad gives.  Win win.

Here’s what you need for the burgers:

1-2 lbs. ground hamburger meat
1 can Red Gold tomatoes with green chilies (drained really well)
salt & pepper

Combine everything in a bowl and form into patties.  Cook on grill, 3-4 minutes each side.

Here’s what you need for the salad:

Lots of red and green leaf lettuce
1/2 cup bread and butter pickles, chopped
1 fresh tomato, chopped

Here’s what you need for the vinaigrette:

3 Tbs. deli mustard
3 Tbs. olive oil
2 Tbs vinegar
salt & pepper

Combine all the ingredients in a mason jar, shake and store in the fridge.  Toss dressing and salad.

If you are watching your portion size or concerned about caloric intake; place the patty right on top of the salad rather than chopping them up and tossing it all together.  That way you know exactly how much burger you’re eating.  For those of us who love burgers and meat in general it’s easy to get carried away.

Hamburger salad

Hamburger salad

Thanks for the grilling suggestion Red Gold!  It was super yum.  Visit their website for more grilling ideas using canned tomatoes.  Who knew?!

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