Game Day Wreath

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Someone call Bob Stoops to let him know that I’ve got all of his OU home decor covered.  Ummmm…maybe his wife would appreciate this a little more.  I’m not too sure how much guys are into wreaths…even football wreaths.

After years of collecting OU football tickets for the specific purpose of creating a game day wreath I am happy to announce that all my patience has paid off.  Seriously, I’ve been saving all of our football tickets with the dream of one day turning them into a wreath.  One year, while waddling my 7 month pregnant self up the ramps to our upper deck seats, I told a friend about my plan.  The next week I received an envelope full of tickets that she and her husband had found discarded at the game.  What a sweet heart.

I feel fairly confident that our win against Texas Tech last week was due in part to this amazing wreath hanging with pride on my front door.  Sure, Damian Williams was on fire and Landry decided to show up and play like a Heisman trophy contender to redeem himself after the beating he took from Kansas State, but Sooner spirit goes a long way when it comes to wins and losses.

Should you decide to become obsessive about saving your favorite team tickets to make a wreath, here is what you will need:

Straw wreath (leave the plastic on)
large roll of deco mesh ribbon
16-20 football tickets
hot glue

1.  Wrap the wreath with the mesh ribbon.  I found it best to wrap this ribbon close and tight.  I used the smaller roll for this wreath and should have sprung for the bigger one.

I don’t have much advice on how to safely hot glue this ribbon down.  It’s mesh.  Hot glue burns.  If you have any advice on how to not burn your fingers while trying to get the mesh to stay down while the glue dries I would like to hear it.

2.  Apply hot glue to the top and bottom of the back of a ticket and secure to the wreath.  Again, this will toughen up your fingers.  The glue is hot even through the paper when you hold it in place.

(I can’t help but point out the newspaper headline.  More GOP voters in state.  Oh, really?!?  What did you think there would be more of?  We’re in Oklahoma for crying out loud.  There are about 6 Democrats total in the entire state.)

Anyhoo…moving on.

Continue gluing tickets all the way around the wreath.

3.  Add a bow.  I used wire, u-shaped, floral pins to secure the bow to my wreath.

I also had a few special tickets that I glued together in a fan to embellish the bow.  I used large glue dots to glue the tickets together.

Now you’re ready to hang your wreath with pride.  I decided not to spray the wreath with any sort of sealer as I wasn’t sure how it would effect the tickets.  So, I’m going to be careful about having it up only on game days, not let it get wet and will keep it stored in a cool, dry place.

Boomer Sooner!

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  1. Donna S Brown

    You could get serious bucks for those at the CWF craft fair this fall.  Think about it.


  2. Emma

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