Five Minute Friday: Beauty

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fmf beauty

Despite all of my good intentions to sit down and really write this week, I find myself at Friday and the minutes are ticking away. Thank goodness for Five Minute Friday, or I may not get any blogging or writing in.

This week’s writing prompt is Beauty and I’m so happy it is. Let’s see what comes out of my brain regarding beauty in just five minutes.

Set the timer…ready…set…GO

This year has felt so…heavy. We’re only two months in and I feel like the sorrow of the world is pressing down on my shoulders. Do you ever feel that way? That everything bad that is happening in the world is closing in, threatening to choke out the light and life and beauty in the world? Or is it just me? Maybe I feel all the feels and process them so that my family doesn’t have to.

I have to force myself to find the beauty around me or it all becomes too much.

I see beauty in the hugs I get from my kids. My eight year old gives them out generously and with abandon. They are life-giving. My thirteen year old gives them out reluctantly and with resistance. I’ll take both.

I see beauty in the way my dog looks in my face. Each and every time I walk through the door, he looks at me like that time is the happiest time in his life.

I hear beauty in the rain falling outside of the window. Our dry, parched dirt needed it so much.

I hear beauty in the music coming from the other room. Each time a classical song is played it is like the composer comes back to live and shares their beauty with us one more time.

I see beauty in my yoga poses. The wobbly, shaky, and strong ones. At least I’m trying to find balance in myself and that is hard and beautiful.


Where do you find beauty?

  1. Kelly Blackwell

    Oh I just love the hugs of my kiddo. Even now at 23, his hugs are pretty rockin. 🙂

    God has blessed us with so much beauty if we take a moment, we’ll find it.

    Have a wonderful day! Visiting from FMF #61

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