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As a blogger it’s important to be involved in blogging communities.  I’ve enjoyed the support and blogging education I’ve received from SITs Girls (The Secret to Success is Support) and I’ve even made real live friends through their blogging conference.  Another site I’ve found helpful is The Blog Guidebook.  Both these sites exist to help bloggers succeed and offer support and helpful advice.  I’ll admit that I have stayed away from sites like BlogHer.  Their community has become so huge that I feel like I would become lost in the shuffle.  I may be wrong but when a community turns into a metropolis it becomes difficult to develop genuine relationships.

Recently I stumbled upon a new blogging community called Oklahoma Women Bloggers.  It focuses on discovering women bloggers in Oklahoma (hence the name) and fostering online connections.

Oklahoma Women Bloggers

Today I’m featured on Oklahoma Women Bloggers with a post I wrote about my blogging goals and stumbling blocks. Click over and check it out.

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  1. Chris Carter

    Oooooh! Good for you! I feel the same way about Blogher- actually Yeah Write intimidates me too… lost in the sea type of deal. Anyhoo- going over now!

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