Cooking With Stupid

Some friends of ours have created a pilot cooking show called Cooking With Stupid.  It features Jacey Margolis as the host and Pete Burns as a horrible cook who is given difficult cooking tasks with no direction or help.  Pete is a disaster in the kitchen and is hilarious to watch.  This pilot episode features Pete trying to cook a Texas barbeque meal from scratch in his tiny bungalow kitchen.  At the end he has to serve his dinner to his friends and await their reaction.  It’s pretty funny stuff.

The couple at the end who gets to “enjoy” the dinner are very good friends of ours.  Russell is a producer of the show and his sweet wife is a dear friend.

Ever wanted to give feedback for a possible tv show?  Here’s your chance.


Let me know what you think.

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  1. Bean's Monkey Business

    This reminds me of last year when my kids decided we should do our own version of “Chopped” at the end my daughter made a purposely horrible tasting ‘dessert’ and we video taped the whole thing. It was HILARIOUS.

    I liked this episode, although I can’t imagine anyone being that clueless in the kitchen! I’ve been cooking since age 9:)

    I LOLed at “Cut ribs into serving size portions” those ARE serving sized portions at my house (teenage boys:)

    And I’m working on a children’s show at the moment, but I don’t have the big bucks to do it pro-style yet!

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