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I’ve been very fortunate in my life to have found some really great friends.  Gals that I can laugh with, be stupid with, cry with, drink wine with.  It’s a wonderful thing when you find someone with whom you just click.   

Enter Sabine of Suburbia.  I’ve known Sabine for a little while now thanks to this little blogging universe.  My little blogging universe got even smaller when I was lucky enough to discover she is a fellow Listen To Your Mother OKC cast member.  Since I’ve been involved in LTYM these past few months I’ve gotten to know Sabine even better and I’m so proud to say I will stand with her this weekend and talk about Motherhood.  

This past weekend we had the chance to really hang out.  Let’s just say she is a kindred spirit and a super hilarious writer.  

We sat around and talked about the stupid things kids say and the idiotic things we say to kids.  All these antidotes are for your viewing pleasure.

So what’s the dumbest thing you have ever had to say as a parent?  Or the dumbest thing your kids say?

  1. Chris Carter

    I can’t WAIT to hear how it all went Stephanie!!! I am thinking about you right now and hoping and praying you are having the experience of a LIFETIME!!!!

    you girls cracked me up with this chat. It made me think of a conversation I just had with my son about picking his boogers… He wanted to clarify that he did NOT do that at school, just at home.

    Whew! Thank goodness! I told him I do too…

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