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It’s been 6 months of blogging.  My how the time flies.

I am by no means an expert blogger.  Or an expert on anything for that matter.  However, a friend recently asked my thoughts on starting a blog. I have been thinking about it and this is my advice.

1)  I never write anything disparaging about anyone (exception: celebs).  Perish the thought that the one person who I write something mean about stumbles across my blog and happens to see that I think he/she is weird, rude, annoying, a pain in the ass, etc.  Even if someone is a pain in the ass it’s not nice to put it out there for everyone to see.  What goes around, comes around…not just in blogs but in real life too.

2)  I write for an imaginary audience.  Except for my few subscribers, I don’t really have a clear idea of who reads my random blog thoughts.  So I have a pretend audience that I write for…an audience a lot like myself.  People with kids, people who like to cook, people who appreciate crafts, progressive Christians, people who like to read and watch movies, people who won’t be offended by my religious and political views.  In other words I write about things that interest me and if they interest others, then awesome.

3)  I have the funniest person I know proof read some of my posts.  If I get a chuckle out of him now and then I am satisfied.

4)  I have a muse.  I visit a successful site and ponder what about it makes it so intriguing.

5)  Practice makes perfect so I try to blog often but NEVER more than once a day.  When I started this blog I had no idea that I would enjoy writing so much.  I guess if my interest wanes or ideas stop flowing then the frequency of my posts will slow down.

6)  I try to have 3 or 4 drafts lined up for the days when I’ve hit a writing block.

7) Finally, and the rule that I have the hardest time keeping myself…I try not to obsess over site stats.

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