New Sprouts Store in Norman

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Sprouts Norman

Something happened this week that will forever alter the course of my life.  Sprouts store opened in Norman.  Ever since we moved back to OK from CA I’ve been pining away for Trader Joes and wondering if there will ever be a replacement for the hole it left in my heart.  I’m happy to say that I’ve found a new love.

Seriously, this new grocery store is a game changer.  I do most of my shopping at Target and as much as I love it, their produce and meat department leave little to be desired.  On Tuesday BFF and I carted Harry through their pre-opening to marvel at the beautiful veggies, deli counter and sushi.  SUSHI!  Have you had that sushi at Target?  Gag.  Everyone in Norman knows you have to drive to the west side IGA to get good grocery store sushi.  Spouts sushi is de-lish! Can I get an AMEN?!

Sprouts Norman

(Watch out, a Cabbage Patch Kid might pop up any second here)

Sprouts Norman

Sprouts Norman

Heres the deal.  I really want to feed my family good, fresh food but I also have a monthly grocery budget.  I can’t go to the other “health food” stores because their prices are through the roof.  I do my best to find what I need at a regular grocery store.  Well, Sprouts IS a regular grocery store.  I looked through every single aisle and discovered that almost all of my grocery needs were covered.  No, I can’t get my Angle Soft or Bounty there.  I’ll still have to visit Target for my Huggies night-time diapers but that’s okay because 99% of my wardrobe comes from Target so I can’t give it up completely.  The weekly specials are pretty amazing.  88 cents for red bell peppers!  Roasted red bell pepper soup here I come.  These bell peppers won’t always been 88 cents as the specials change every week but next week something else I need will be a great price.  The weekly specials change every Wednesday.  The cool thing about the weekly specials is that if you shop on Wednesday you get to take advantage of the specials from the previous flier AND the upcoming specials.

Sprouts Norman

I checked all the prices of my regular shopping list (milk, OJ, yogurt, bananas, etc.) and they were all on par with what I normally pay.  Thank you, Sprouts, thank you.  Dear Husband, keeper of the finances, thanks you.

Sprouts Norman

Disclaimer: Sprouts did NOT ask me to write about their store opening.  ALL of these thoughts and opinions are my own.  I’m just really that excited about a new grocery store in Norman.  Such is the life of a stay-at-home mom.

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  1. Kathryn Green

    I love a great grocery store and find great joy in strolling the aisles so can’t wait to get to Norman. MOM

  2. Lindsay H

    We live in San Diego area and this store is all over here. We love their fresh produce. I do think their boxed/processed items are more expensive, but the fresh food is so great! Also on Wednesday they have double ad days. You get last weeks and this weeks special prices. What a great deal! Glad they are in Norman!

  3. Judy Cain

    I felt the same, Steph. Here’s what happened with me yesterday at the preview party. As I was heading for the doors to leave I saw a couple of gentleman (one very tall) with the company and walked up to them, jokingly telling them that I was disappointed that I could not purchase two things today — Cherub tomatoes and Cara Cara Oranges. By this time the regional human resources manager had walked up and we were chatting. One guy walked away and the HR manager suggested that I wait a few minutes for him to return. He came back and put some things in one of their reusable shopping bags. As I walked out, he stated that he would walk me to my car. As we got out of the store, he handed me the bag — it contained one of the containers of Cherub tomatoes and 4 Cara Cara oranges and told me, “that will get you through tonight until you can shop tomorrow.” How cool is that?! It made me feel great and I will now definitely go bay after work tomorrow! The “tall guy” is the Regional Manager and the other guy is the Regional Assistant Manager. Yes, I have a new love too, it’s Sprouts! I said to the HR manager that this was the closest we would ever get to Trader Joe’s, but I’m just fine with that. The two are very similar in some ways, and the differences don’t bother me because Sprout’s seems to carry what I need, and more!

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