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A week (or so) ago I told you how we signed up for the OG&E SmartHours program.  OG&E gave me a perk for blogging about my experience with Smart Hours and gave me a free in-home energy audit.  I made an appointment for my home audit and last Wednesday a very sweet, older gentleman came over to check out the house.  Oscar talked with me about what my main concerns were with our energy usage, took at a look at all the doors, windows and lights.  He walked all around the outside of the house and took a peek in the attic.  We talked about how to check if I had any unwanted airflow around windows and doors and gave recommendations.

His main concerns were the caulking around the windows, inside and out.  We need to tighten the hinges on our doors to make sure they shut tight to keep the outside out and he gave me the number of a fireplace company to check out the fireplace and chimney.  As part of the audit a HVAC company will come out and give my AC units a tune-up at no extra charge!  He left me with Home Energy Efficiency Kit full of weatherstripping, door sweeps, caulk, etc. and later that day emailed me his report.

Right now you’re probably wondering why the heck you should care about how efficent my home is.  Here’s why…OG&E is giving away 5 free home energy audits to you dear reader!  5 readers will be chosen, at random, to receive a OG&E in-home energy audit ($50 value).

There are two requirements to be entered into the drawing.

1. You must be a OG&E customer.  If your not then you can exit this page and go busy yourself with reading how I kept my electric bill down last summer.

2. You must sign up for the SmartHours program.  It’s free, it helps you keep track of your energy habits, it helps you save money on your bill.  I can’t think of one reason not to sign up.

Once you have met those two requirements now you are ready to be entered into the drawing.

Leave a comment here about what you are going to do this summer to keep your electric bill down.  Your comment will be your entry.  Make sure you leave your email address (don’t worry, it’s private and I’m the only one who sees it) so I know how to contact you if you win.

Hold on, there’s more.  Here are more ways to enter yourself in the drawing for a greater chance of winning.  Your name will be put into the hat for each of the following things that you do (and tell me about in the comment section).

1.  Refer a friend or neighbor to sign up for SmartHours

2.  Sign up for my email or RSS feed

3.  “Like” Hugs, Kisses and Snot on Facebook

4.  Tell your Facebook friends to “like” my FB page

So, there’s lots of ways to win the free home energy audit.  Don’t wait, sign up now!

Winners will be announced and contacted on Friday, April 6.

9 Responses

  1. Jennifer

    I’ve done everything except referring my friends to sign up for Smart Hours.

  2. Jill Renner

    Last summer I hung my clothes outside to dry whenever possible. Otherwise I washed & dried early in the morning or late in the evening. I kept window blinds & curtains closed during hottest part of day & turned my thermomstat up by a cpl degrees in the evenings & mornings.

  3. Audrey

    I’m a little late but thought I’d give it a try since I was thinking about having them do an energy audit anyways. I had my smarthours thermostat installed today. We plan on decreasing our total energy usage with first adjusting the thermostat during the peak hours to help keep our costs down. I hope to improve the house’s efficiency with proper insullation.

  4. Julie

    I came upon your site while searching about OG&E Smarthours. We just switched a month ago. Of course, it so happens it’s probably the worst month to start–June. I can see pros and cons to it already but I didn’t even know they did energy audits!

  5. subtextology

    I came upon your site while searching about OG&E Smarthours. We just started it a few weeks ago–probably the worst possible time–June. I can see pros and con’s to it so far, but we’ll see as the year progresses. I didn’t even know they did energy audits, so that is handy. We’ve definteily been conserving now by programming the temperature up, making sure all the electronics are off, and I will be using the solar powered dryer (clothes line) to help dry things.

  6. Rose Chandler

    It’s wonderful to see how the OG&E SmartHours program has not only benefited you but also helped raise awareness about energy efficiency. The free in-home energy audit sounds like an excellent perk, and it’s heartwarming to hear about Oscar’s dedication in providing valuable recommendations for your home. Your enthusiasm and willingness to share this opportunity with your readers is commendable.

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