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Today I get to bring you a crafty post and have a day off at the same time!  Sonia at Three Unique Rabbits is an incredible seamstress and even makes her own patterns.  Today she is sharing how to make a Diaper Envelope.  But don’t let the word diaper scare you, it could also be a small clutch purse.  I’m going to be making one for myself very soon.


Hi Everyone. I’m Sonia Barton (Mom Rabbit) over at Three Unique Rabbits. Were you can find the knowledge, expertise and art of a family of artists. Dad rabbit works with all things wood, mom rabbit is a master crafter and bunny rabbit loves unique jewelry.

I’m here to share a tutorial and pattern for an easy Diaper Envelope/Clutch. This diaper envelope/clutch was designed to hold 1 or 2 diapers and a small diaper wipes plastic holder. It’s great to have in your diaper bag so that you don’t have to hand the entire diaper bag to hubby or anyone else that is helping with a quick diaper change.

Even if you don’t have someone helping with a diaper change, it’s easy to grab the small clutch and take with you to the bathroom at a restaurant, church meeting….

You will need 3/4 yard of Fabric, 3/4 yard of Lining Fabric, 2 inches of Velcro and matching Thread. For the pattern pieces you will need to visit my Craftsy Store and download the Free pattern. Please feel free to email soniabartondesigns@yahoo.com if you have any problems with the download.
Start by cutting out the fabric pieces that you need:
1Body – Cut 1 Outer Fabric, Cut 1 Lining Fabric
2Strap – Cut 1 Fabric
Sew strap
1Fold Strap in half lenghtwise. Stitch side seam.
2Turn right side out.
place strap on Envelope
1Fold the strap and place it on the Outer fabric on the left side, 3/4” down from the point.
2Pin in place
Sew body & lining
1Fold up envelope matching point to point on both fabric and lining.
2Stitch side seams.
3Clip corners open
4Iron seams open.
Bring the pieces together
1Turn lining piece right side out.
2Slide the lining piece into the outerbody piece.
3Pin the sides, front and flap together.
4Stitch the seam making sure to leave a 3 inch opening on the center front.
5To do this you will want to turn the envelope so that it slides under your presser foot with the flap pointing out. Start stitching along the front.
6Stitch until your needle sits right in the middle of the side seam. That is when you need to pick up the presser foot and pivot, to get a good angle.
7Clip corners at the side seams.
8Clip a v at the top of the flap point.
9Turn right side out.
11Top stitch the opening closed.
add velcro
1Cut a 2 inch piece of Velcro.
2Fold the flap down and pin the velcro in the correct place.
3Stitch velcro in place.
Finished bag
I hope you enjoy the tutorial and free pattern.
~Sonia Barton

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