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How to recruit younger women to your volunteer organization

September 15, 2014

recruit younger women to your volunteer organization

This post could also be called “How in the world did you get all of those young moms to join a volunteer organization?!”

recruit younger women to your organization

(look how cute we are…learning at Assistance League National Conference)

Two weeks ago I attended the Assistance League National Conference.  (<– click to see all the fun pics from Disney World) 4 of the 6 of us attending from our chapter were “younger” women, meaning, we have school age children.  I was the baby of the group at a ripe old age of 38.  

What is interesting about national conference is that typically our chapter is the youngest one there.  Traditionally, Assistance League is made up of retired women who want to do good in their community.  Our chapter has lots of those women but it also has a large number of younger women who want to give their time and talents.  During the convention women would come up to us asking our advice on how to grow their “younger” membership.  To these more experienced members, us moms are just babies.  They love that we want to be a part of the organization but aren’t sure how to get these women to join their chapters.  

I came back home and sang the praises of attending Nation Conference to our membership.  As I looked out over the women in our chapter I noticed we had a nice balance of seasoned women, moms of high school and college age children, moms of young children and new moms.  There were even a few women there who looked significantly younger than myself.  While our ages vary we all have one thing in common, we have a heart for service, and that’s a very beautiful thing.  It got me thinking…how have we been able to recruit younger women to our chapter?  

For those 3 Assistance League members who have stumbled upon this and wonder how to get the young moms to join your chapter, here are my suggestions…in my humble opinion.

5 Tips on how to recruit younger women to your volunteer organization

1. Make your requirements more flexible.  Find volunteer opportunities for these moms on the weekends or evenings.  Some of them, like me, will use their Mother’s Day Out time to volunteer.  Some don’t have child care so you need to think of places and ways they can volunteer that will either allow them to bring the kiddos along or volunteer when dad can watch the kids.


2.  Ask your daughters and daughters-in-law to join and then have her bring two friends.  We stay-at-home moms like to do things in packs.  Convince  one mom to join by offering to host a wine and fondu party for her friends.  Stay-at-home moms will come out of the woodwork if you tell them there is wine and chocolate.  Allow them time to drink and socialize and then give them your elevator pitch.  Show them how much fun it can be while serving their community at the same time.  


3.  Let them know its okay to bring their kids to meetings.  Many moms think that they can’t join a group like Assistance League because they don’t know what to do with their kids at meetings.  If you have general meetings during the day think about providing child care for those two hours at your chapter house or meeting place.  If you tell a mom that she will get to sit still and eat adult snacks for two hours while someone else wrangles her kids…for free…she is all over that.  


4.  Infiltrate the PTA.  Several of our members joined because they were active on their PTA and the other PTA members were also members of Assistance League and encouraged them to join.  Find out who the PTA president is and ask if you can come and do a presentation about Operation School Bell (or your most meaningful program if you’re not an Assistance League member, preferably the one that effects school age children) at their PTA meeting.  Pull at their heart strings and show them how much you are doing for the kids in their school and you will find new members who want to do the same.


5.  Make sure meetings and requirements are quick and to the point.  Moms these days are busy with a capital B.  We have toddler ballet classes to attend, story time at the library, pre-school to pick up and Gymboree classes to go to.  Then we have to pick up the older kids at elementary school, shuttle kids to piano, soccer and gymnastics.  We have PTA meetings and zumba classes.  In between all of this we have to find time to do laundry, clean the house, cook dinner , take the dog for a walk and make love to our husbands.  Let’s just say we have a lot on our minds.

Now lets here from you.  What are your tips on getting younger women to join and be active in your volunteer organization?



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Assistance League and Walt Disney World

September 9, 2014

Disney World

(Assistance League delegate at the final night of National Conference)

This past weekend I was able to take a trip to Orlando.  You may be thinking, oh, you got to take a family vacation to Disney World!  Nope.  This trip was big girls only.  I went with 5 other women from my Assistance League chapter to attend the national convention.  I was lucky enough to attend and even more lucky that it was just down the road from the happiest place on earth.


Assistance League is an amazing organization with chapters all over the US.  3.2 million volunteer hours helping to provide new school clothes to hundreds of thousands of children.  Did you see that?  3.2 MILLION volunteer hours.  That’s a crap ton of volunteers doing good in our country.  Providing new school clothes is on top of all of the additional philanthropic programs that each chapter autonomously chooses to provide for their communities.  These women are making a big difference in a big way.

But today’s post isn’t about Assistance League National Conference (that is coming up later this week).  Today’s post is about the Happiest Place On Earth.  Going to Disney World is just as fun without kids, if you’re a kid at heart.  In between meetings and networking we were able to find time to visit a few of the parks.  I wasn’t about to fly all the way to Orlando and stay in a hotel just a mile from Disney and not go.  Nope, not me.

Turns out that September is the prefect time to visit Disney World.  The crowds weren’t bad at all and there was hardly a wait for any of the rides.  We walked right on to Tower of Terror, Pirates and Small World (and everything else had a 5-10 minute wait.  That’s nothing in Disney terms).  I think the longest we waited for any of the attractions was 45 minutes and even that flew by.

Visiting the parks at Disney World can be just as fun without kids.  All you need are some friends who are just as excited about the magic of Disney as you are.  It also helps if they like riding the scary rides and don’t mind waiting with you for 45 minutes to see Ariel.

Disney World

Disney World

Everyone needs a hug from Minnie.  It will cure what ails ya.

Disney World  

Disney should have a “princess for a day” for grownups who are still giggly and in awe when they see these beauties.  I’d be all over that.  Did you hear that Disney?  I just gave you an incredible idea to make even more money.  You can thank me by allowing me to be your test subject.

Disney World

 Other than getting a hug from Minnie and hanging with Ariel the best part were the scary rides.  Tower of Terror, Space Mountain and Rock ‘N Roller Coaster were the bomb.  I think I lost my voice on T of T.

Disney World


It’s been at least 25 years since the last time I was in Disney World.  It’s just as fun (maybe more) as an adult.  Now that I’ve had a taste for a Disney World vacation, Dear Husband and I are saving up.  It’s going to take a lot of pinching pennies to take the whole family for a week but I’m bound and determined.  Anybody want to drop $5000 in my lap?




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Find Your Village

August 7, 2014

find your village

Recently I read a blogger who had the privilege of being on the Huff post.  She waxed poetic about a village of women who loved each other, depended on one anotherother, helped each other in every family rearing occasion.  She lamented the loss of this intimate village that she has never had. Continue reading

Washing Machine Woes

July 24, 2014

maytag washing machine

36 – Facebook conversations about washing machine brands and how they just don’t last like they used to 

32 – washing machine reviews I read online

12 – phone calls with my repairman discussing what I should do

10 – Days my washing machine was been broken

9 – Facebook friends who made repairman recommendations

6 – loads of laundry ready and waiting for the new washer

3 – tweets with Maytag hoping they would throw me a bone

2 – loads of laundry that I did at my mother-in-law’s house

1 – underwear left until I would have to hand wash or go commando



Grow Your Google Plus Circles

June 25, 2014

To all my blogging friends…this is the last link up to grow your google plus circles for the summer!  

To my non-blogging friends.  Just ignore this and click over to yesterday’s post to watch me drop it like it’s hot.

Back to my blogging friends…I hope some of you have gotten on board the google plus train b/c this baby is picking up steam.  


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I’m Still A Girl At Heart

June 24, 2014

Last week was the youth mission trip for our church youth.  Since I was part of the interim youth team I helped out best I could.  This past week marked the finish line for my stint at being “in charge” of youth (I use that phrase loosely because I’m not sure I was ever really in charge or knew what I was doing).  This year the mission trip was local, helping Oklahoma residents who are still recovering from the 2013 tornadoes.  I’m so proud of what these kids were able to accomplish and even more proud of their selfless attitude.  My heart swells with pride and I have almost a parental feeling toward these teens.  

Which brings me to today.  I reluctantly admit that I’m old enough to be these teenager’s mother.  That’s a hard pill to swallow because inside I still feel like a girl at heart.  Last week it really hit home that these kids view me on the same playing field as their mom even though I have children much younger than them…maybe because I’m friends with many of their parents.

So here’s what happened.  One night of mission trip we decided to have a lip-sync contest (the idea coming from the adults, I might add).  My incredible friend Dr. Kate busted out an amazing mash-up of Sir Mix A Lot and Fresh Prince.  Sister proved that she has the moves.  I jazzercized my way through Everything Is Awesome and dropped it like it was hot.  The kids minds were blown, as in brains exploded by the sheer awesomeness we brought.  At first I thought it was our rad moves that had them in awe.  Actually, it was the fact that two grannies such as ourselves could get up in front of a group of teens and bring it.

See, they see us as moms; aka car-poolers, aka PTA volunteers, aka disciplinarians, aka fun-haters.  Because we drive our kids all over creation every day, shuttling them to and from activities, they assume it is our most favorite thing in the world to do.  Remember when your mom used to say your face would freeze like that when you had a scowl?  Well, it did.  My forehead has permanent creases that only Botox can remedy because of my “mom face”.  I’ve exchanged my shorty shorts for long shorts…not because I think they are indecent but to hide the spider veins that criss-cross my thighs and give away my age.  Perky boobs of my youth?  Those got traded in with my license to breast feed two babies.

So they see us as the responsible ones, the ones who are in charge, the ones who don’t want to get our hair wet in the pool, the ones who carry the credit cards and consider consequences.  While all that might be true it doesn’t mean that I am ready to crawl into a grave and wait to die…because they view 40 as I view 90.  And when we reveal how cool we actually are they are floored, not because of our mad skills but because their minds can’t conceive how someone who has busted out two kids can still bust a move.

Yes, I may be the responsible one, the one who gets angry at huge messes, who cooks the meals, who schedules the activities, who drops off and picks up.  But that doesn’t mean I don’t know how to have fun, how to laugh until I cry, love an impromptu dance party in the kitchen and go on dates with my husband.  I’m still a girl at heart.

Prepare to have your mind blown…

My AHA Moment

June 20, 2014

AHA Moment

A few weeks ago I participated in the Mutual of Omaha AHA Moments Tour.  What is an AHA Moment, you say?  An AHA Moment is a time when you had a moment of clarity, a light bulb goes off over your head, a defining moment where you gain real wisdom – wisdom you can use to change your life.

The Mutual of Omaha team drives all over the country pulling a super-awesome-tricked-out Airstream trailer that serves as their recording studio.  

  So, here is my AHA Moment…

Some thoughts on this process:

1.  I’m really glad I was able to participate in this because it forced me to think about what is important to me.  Talking about an AHA Moment helps you figure out what makes you tick.

2.  It was raining the day that I filmed my moment.  I couldn’t find my umbrella that morning so I used the sunshade that goes in the windshield of my car.  It sort of worked.

3.  I sound like I just ran a race.  I have no idea why I sound out of breath because prior to this I had been sitting down chatting for about 30 minutes. Apparently, I sound asthmatic when I get nervous even though I didn’t even feel nervous when I was doing this.  Who knows.

4.  How did I get to do this?  Like most of the things you see me doing…I just fall into it.  I’m sure the Mutual of Omaha AHA Moment people did a google search for bloggers in each city they went to and my name came up.

So what is your AHA Moment?  


Google Plus Link Up

June 4, 2014

It’s time for another Google Plus Link Up.  Read on if you are a blogger and want to grow your Google Plus circles.  If you’re not a blogger then click over to see my post for super yummy black bean & corn dip.  It will give new meaning to the purpose of fritos.


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How to Grow your Blogging Community

May 16, 2014

Blogging can be a lonely activity.  Just you and your thoughts and a computer.  There are ups and downs and without a blogging community of support the ups aren’t as exciting and the downs cause you to doubt why you even are doing it in the first place.

It has taken me three years of blogging to grow my community.  One of the things I’ve learned is that you can’t force it.  You can prod it along in a direction you would like to go but you also have to allow it to happen naturally.  It’s kinda like being the new kid at school.  You look around tentatively to find kids who look nice, who have the same interests as you, who look like they won’t push you off the slide when it’s your turn.  You ask if they would like to play with you and before you know it a friendship forms.

Grow your blogging community

Today I’m blogging at a great place to grow your blogging community.  Oklahoma Women Bloggers.  If you are looking for tips to grow your blogging community then hop on over and read on.  

What do you think?  Have you found a community of support?  What are your tips on growing your community?

Grow your Circles on Google Plus Link Party

May 7, 2014
Are you looking to grow your circles on Google Plus?  Do you want better SEO and increased website exposure? This is the place to be!  Welcome to the mommy is coocoo circles hop.

I’ve read a lot of posts about Google Plus, what it is, what it means for bloggers, how to grow your circles on Google Plus.  I keep coming back to this: Facebook is screwing bloggers over and the next thing for bloggers is Google Plus.  As much as I hate change, I must ride this wave.  So far this Google Plus series by  Jenny Melrose is the best place to start that I have found.

Learning all you can about Google Plus and doing your best to grow your circles on Google plus go hand in  hand.  That is why I have started co-hosting the Mommy Is Coo Coo Google Plus link party once a month.

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Now it’s time to party!  Follow the steps below and discover what Google Plus can do for you.

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