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Clutter Clean Up Week 1

November 24, 2014

control the clutter


I’m one week in to my 30 day challenge to control the clutter.  I’m using this as an exercise him keeping myself motivated in my clutter clean up and to also inspire you, dear reader, in getting rid of your clutter.

Preparing for the holidays is the prefect time to get serious about clutter clean up in your home.  You are about to be overwhelmed with holiday decor (if you aren’t already) new toys, Christmas gifts, new clothes, stocking stuffers, cookie tins and whatever else you can think of that enters your home during Advent.  Prepare your home for this influx of stuff by getting rid of stuff!

To keep you inspired here is what I was able to accomplish this week: 2 bags of toys & clothes, 2 junk drawers in my kitchen, old make up in the back of my bathroom cabinet, rearranged part of my bedroom to create a sewing/craft area, the linen closet.

Clutter Clean Up Week 1 – Check it out:

clutter clean up


clutter clean up

clutter clean up

clutter clean up

clutter clean up

clutter clean up

If I can do this, so can you.  Please join me on this 30 day adventure on Facebook and/or Instagram.  Just because we’re already 6 days in doesn’t mean you can just jump on in and start getting control of your clutter.  Show me what you’re up to on FB and Instagram and make sure to use hashtag #HKSControltheclutter  If you aren’t sure how to use hashtags I would be more than happy to help you with that. Just leave your question in the a comment below.

October Recap

November 2, 2014

halloween hat

Halloween is vying for the top spot in my Favorite Holiday category.  When else could I wear this hat and it be perfectly okay?  

October was a really busy month for our house.  Come to think of it, every month feels like a really busy month for our house and we don’t even participate in youth sports.  I wonder if this young generation will look back on their childhood and “super busy” will be the dominant theme.  

Among other things this month was dominated by our school jog-a-thon, college football, fall break, Addison’s birthday, treats for class parties and of course, Halloween.

I’m happy to say that Pinterest actually served its purpose this month.  I had pinned these Oreo Brownies a while ago and when it was time to bring treats to the class party I pulled up the pin for inspiration.  I actually made something from Pinterest rather than just wasting time pinning things I probably won’t ever get to and feeling less than adequate because of all of the professional looking projects and photos.  I also made it point to keep it simple when it comes to treats this month.  Box birthday cake, box brownie mix, 2 ingredient pumpkin spice cookies, and easy party popcorn.  Clearly I’m not ashamed to make something from a mix.  As I’ve already said, I’m super busy so I don’t have time for the perfect Pinterest recipes unless they are stupid simple.

Oreo Brownies

One thing of note this month…I caught a glimpse of the future.  Normally, Addison wears his hair however it happens to look when he rolls out of bed.  He is not concerned with hair or clothes in the slightest.  For Halloween he wanted his hair styled to go with his costume so we applied the hair gel in mass quantities.  It looked pretty awesome, I must say.  While at the class party another mom pointed out how his styled hair made him look like a teenager.  I glanced across the room and sure enough, there was a tall, slender teen boy where a quirky 10 year old should be.  I had to cover my eyes because I saw what I wasn’t ready to see; my little boy growing up.  


Rather than wallow in the thought of lost boyhood I will push those thought aside for now.  I’m not ready to look forward to the future so I will focus on the present.  Fall is my favorite time of year as evidenced by the following…


pumpkin spice cookies



creeper pumpkin


vampire and zombie costumes

I’m looking forward to seeing what November has in store.  By they way, thank you to those who keep coming back to read and check in with what is going on in this little ol’ blog.  I truly appreciate it.



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Slime the Principals

October 30, 2014

This month I was able to wrap up the first of two major events that I was/am in charge of.  Our elementary school jog-a-thon took place at the beginning of this month with the awards ceremony being two weeks later.  Among the prizes was the reward of sliming the Principals if our school raised a certain amount of money.  This was a fabulous prize because 1) it was so much fun to watch the Principals reaction 2) the kids went wild over it and 3) it was the cheapest of all the prizes.  All this cost me was a package of Xanthan Gum from the grocery store and food coloring.  Xanthan Gum, water and food coloring.  That’s all it takes to make a bucket full of super slimy slime.  Yes, it made a big mess but it was worth it.   Continue reading

Holiday Cards with Minted

October 20, 2014
Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.  All opinions and ideas are my own.
I can’t believe I’m about to say this…but…it’s time to start thinking about Christmas cards. I know, I know, it’s not even Halloween yet.  Here’s the deal. Every year I think to myself oh, I have plenty to time to get Christmas cards made.  I’ll work on that next week. Before I know it December 1st has come and gone and I don’t even have a decent family photo. Then I’m scrambling to create a card online and have to pay out the wazoo for overnight shipping. There is a lot of cursing involved in this process. 

This year I am taking a different approach…I’m planning ahead. Kind of unusual for me, I know, but I have this opportunity to order my Christmas cards through and I’m all over this.  Just call me Hugs, Kisses and Thinking Ahead. 

Dear Husband witnesses my frustration every year and asks why I even go to the trouble to send out a Christmas card  if it’s so stressful. 
Why?  Because I love seeing Christmas cards from our friends and relatives. I love seeing how their kids have grown each year. I love seeing the different styles of cards they choose. I love decorating with them and hanging them up in my entryway, they welcome anyone who comes to our house. Watching the cards increase in number is like counting down the Advent for me. With each card I hang up they are telling me that Christmas is getting closer and closer. 
If I get so much joy from the Christmas cards that pass through our door, then I have to assume those who receive our card get a little bit of holiday cheer from our smiling faces. 
I’ve tried several different holiday card websites. One year I even created my own card on Picmonkey.  This year I am trying out
Minted has over 200 beautiful designs to choose from. I’ve combed their site and saved all of my favorites with our picture in them trying to decide which one I like best.  This is a really tough decision, I mean, seriously, these designs are just gorgeous.  Just check these out. 
holiday cards with minted
christmas cards with minted

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Natural Makeup Eraser Giveaway

October 6, 2014

I’ve got good news and I’ve got bad news.  Let’s get the bad news over with first.

Remember when I got the regular gig on the show Oklahoma LIVE?  Well, I did.  I was asked to do a monthly segment on the show and I had the freedom to come up with all of the topics.  The bad news is that Oklahoma LIVE has been canceled.  I don’t know the reasons why the show was canceled.  My guess is 1) they didn’t have me on as a guest often enough and 2) the show was on opposite Ellen.  Seriously, who is going to watch a local talk show when they can be watching Ellen? Continue reading

How to recruit younger women to your volunteer organization

September 15, 2014

recruit younger women to your volunteer organization

This post could also be called “How in the world did you get all of those young moms to join a volunteer organization?!”

recruit younger women to your organization

(look how cute we are…learning at Assistance League National Conference)

Two weeks ago I attended the Assistance League National Conference.  (<– click to see all the fun pics from Disney World) 4 of the 6 of us attending from our chapter were “younger” women, meaning, we have school age children.  I was the baby of the group at a ripe old age of 38.   Continue reading

Assistance League and Walt Disney World

September 9, 2014

Disney World

(Assistance League delegate at the final night of National Conference)

This past weekend I was able to take a trip to Orlando.  You may be thinking, oh, you got to take a family vacation to Disney World!  Nope.  This trip was big girls only.  I went with 5 other women from my Assistance League chapter to attend the national convention.  I was lucky enough to attend and even more lucky that it was just down the road from the happiest place on earth. Continue reading

Find Your Village

August 7, 2014

find your village

Recently I read a blogger who had the privilege of being on the Huff post.  She waxed poetic about a village of women who loved each other, depended on one anotherother, helped each other in every family rearing occasion.  She lamented the loss of this intimate village that she has never had. Continue reading

Washing Machine Woes

July 24, 2014

maytag washing machine

36 – Facebook conversations about washing machine brands and how they just don’t last like they used to 

32 – washing machine reviews I read online

12 – phone calls with my repairman discussing what I should do

10 – Days my washing machine was been broken

9 – Facebook friends who made repairman recommendations

6 – loads of laundry ready and waiting for the new washer

3 – tweets with Maytag hoping they would throw me a bone

2 – loads of laundry that I did at my mother-in-law’s house

1 – underwear left until I would have to hand wash or go commando



Grow Your Google Plus Circles

June 25, 2014

To all my blogging friends…this is the last link up to grow your google plus circles for the summer!  

To my non-blogging friends.  Just ignore this and click over to yesterday’s post to watch me drop it like it’s hot.

Back to my blogging friends…I hope some of you have gotten on board the google plus train b/c this baby is picking up steam.  


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