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You may have figured out that one of my favorite sites is The Pioneer Woman.  She gives a lot of stuff away.  The first time I read about it she gave away 3 Anthropology gift cards, $250 each.  In my naivety I actually thought she was using her blogging celeb status for good instead of evil. I thought she was using her hard-earned book money to buy us faithful readers Anthropology gift cards.  Next thing I knew she was giving away blenders, mixers, knives, Le Creuset, etc.  Ohhhhhhh, she isn’t buying this stuff herself.  These companies are giving her the stuff to give away because her site gets about a bazillion hits per day.  Go ahead and laugh that it took me a while to figure that out.

The reason I’m saying this?  Recently I saw this little icon on a small-potatoes blog I like (Confessions of a Serial Swooper)

What’s this? I wonder to myself.  After checking their website and reading some reviews I figure out that Business 2 Blogger hooks up little, no-name blogs (like me) with businesses who want product reviewers and who will post about it.  They want bloggers to give their product away to their niche audience just like Pioneer Woman does with the mixers.

Sounds cool and it’s free.  I’ll let you know how it turns out.

P.S. However P-Dub gets her give-aways, I still think she uses her blogging celeb status for good instead of evil.

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  1. serialswooper

    Thanks for the plug! I’ve submitted a couple things that looked vaguely interesting to me but am yet to be selected. I think I’m a little less than attractive to the sellers as I’m pretty un-commercial in my blog thus far. That is, unless they’re hoping to promote chardonnay and reality tv — in which case I’m TOTALLY their gal.

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