A day in Boston

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To conclude our amazing trip to New Hampshire we spent one day in Boston.  Without kids.  You heard me right…without kids.  Dear Husband’s brave aunt and uncle volunteered to babysit the four boys all day so that us parents could have a day in Beantown.

It was truly a gift.  At first I felt guilty that they were watching the boys while we were living it up.  My  next stage of parent paranoia; I was a little afraid that four little boys would be too crazy.  Then I remembered that they have six other grandchildren and this wasn’t their first rodeo.  They were happy to give us some time to ourselves.

We hit the road in time to meet up with another one of Dear Husband’s aunt and uncle (who live in the area) for a Red Sox game.  We started the day off right with appetizers at a swank restaurant right around the corner from Fenway Park.  Riesling and oysters?  Yes, please but save room for a Fenway Frank.

Just to the left of that giant guy in the blue checked shirt is the famous red seat (marked for the longest home run in Fenway history by Ted Williams).  I couldn’t get that guy to move out of the way so this is the best shot I could get.

The first 7 innings were preeeety warm.  I repeated this mantra in my head It’s not 114, it’s only 85.  Despite my mantra the sweat on the back of my legs made it look like I peed my pants.  Thankfully sweat dries quickly when the breeze off the harbor picks up and and I didn’t have to hide my hiney with my purse.

In case anyone is interested…we played a great game against the Texas Rangers.  We lost, but only by one run.

No trip would be complete without a few shots on Instagram.

We picked up a couple of Green Monster souvenirs for the kiddos said goodbye to Dear aunt and uncle.

We weren’t ready to head back and knew that the kids were in good hands so we headed to the North End.  We wandered around for a few minutes looking for a place to eat.  There are about 3000 tiny Italian restaurants in a 3 block radius that all looked wonderful.  We picked one at random and were very happy with the results.  Trattoria Di Monica was tiny, dark and did NOT have a kids menu.  Winner.  I started with a caprese salad with fresh mozzarella and for the main course had seared scallops with a white wine sauce over black linguine.  Divine.

Thank you Boston (and Dear Husband’s uncle and aunt).  You made me feel like a civilized adult again.

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